Thursday, 18 February 2010

Assignment 2- the ramdom photo's

here are my random photos for assignment 2. the 3 i started with are, leaves, girl and the building. i got some interesting story's from people, the story i have chosen to find an image for is 'a girl having a fun day out at a museum then on the way to get her bus jumping in the autumn leaves, then thinking what a great day she had.'

the image i came up with which has made everyone come up with the same story is the inside of a museum. adding text just makes the story clearer. i found this task interesting as its amazing how people can look at the same 3 photos and come up with completely different story's.
other story's i got we're that the girl was leaving to become a nun. that she was thinking back to a special place. that she was travelling/sight seeing in autumn and that she was traveling back it school for home.

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