Tuesday, 24 November 2009

the wire project

sorry I've been ill :(,

anyway..... the wire project seems to be going well, we were in the media lab for most of today playing about in photoshop and illustrator which was fun. my work this block is based on Gary Hume's work. this piece by Hume is one of my favorites, he does a lot of work in line which is why i chose him.
i have decided to make a brooch using filigree. i have made my own drawings like Gary Hume's in which i have layered my life drawing. i have chosen sections from these which will be soldered together.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Assignment 3

During Assignment 2 we, Janna and I, found that we were researching into the same field and therefore decided to investigate bag protection and smart materials together. Over all we found this assessment quite difficult to grasp as the subject we chose is still developing.
KIEKENS, P (2006) Advanced Research Workshop on Intelligent Textiles for Personal Protection and Safety, IOS PRESS 2006
This article gives an insight into the construction of smart textiles. It also looks into the field of intelligent textiles for personal safety and protection which have resulted in building blocks (BB) I think that this is one first steps into acknowledging the improvement in bag security.
DE ROSSI, D (2006) Wearable Mechanizing and Emerging Technologies in Fabric-based Actuations, IOS PRESS 2006
This conference looks into wearable kinesthetic and haptic interfaces between human and machines. It indicates that improvement in the accuracy of human movement tracking systems are being made for tracking fine manipulations. This shows that if such technology was embedded in handbags or suitcases (e.g airport luggage) that can easily be miss-placed or stolen this device would be very significant in order to reclaim any missing objects.
KONCAR, V and BOUSSU, F (2006) Flexible Displays on Textiles for Personal Protection, IOS PRESS 2006
This conference is very relevant into the research in what we are aiming to look into, going into the idea of combining weaving computer and communications technology into uniforms. The aim of this conference was originally to tackle terrorism but through the use of clothing we feel that we could use this technology to fight against handbag theft and muggings. One of our ideas would be to incorporate a small electronic device into the interior of handbags/ luggage bags, this technology break through would be very beneficial in the design of our vision of having safe, affordable bags for all purposes and classes.
Betty and Jordan , http://www.Azuremagazine.com (march/april 2008)
In this artical it discusses reactive textiles which are inspired by superhero costumes, for example batmans bulletproof armor. This explores intelligent clothing, from light up snow suits to bluetooth shirts. These materials can react to heat by colour change. A three-quarter length jacket with photovoltaic solar panels and a removable collar. After four or five hours of exposure to the sun the panels recharge a breast pocket battery creating virtually unlimited juice for the wearers ipod and phone. If this kind of technology is available for everyday use then surely it can be incorporated into our everyday lives as-well.
Joanne Hodge, http://www.joprints.co.uk (2009)
Jo Hodge, a Dundee graduate, produces textiles that are heat reactive and light reactive. These playful garments could create a visual awareness of stolen items, i.e a handbag could be registered to its owner and then if it has been stolen it would change into a well known pattern that could warn other members of public that the bag doesn't rightfully own to them. Therefore giving a visual indication that a robbery or theft has taken place!
CHALAYAN, H (2007) http://www.husseinchalayan.com
In this website Chalayan shows off his inventive skills by producing many garments transform into more needed items, such as a table taking the shape of a dress and vis versa. Although at first this does not seem relevant to the idea of handbag/bag safety, the initial idea of transforming materials and technology would perhaps help even households robberies. For example if instead of the table transforming into a dress it contained a secret compartment in which prize possessions could be easily stored and only located by its owner. Our idea is to incorporate a secret panel into a handbag that could be accessed by a finger print device. This technology seems quite futuristic at the present date but in these crime stricken times we will need to be developing further for later years.
TAO, X (2000) Wearable Electronics and Photonics, Cambridge, England; Woodhead Publishing LTD
This book looks into wearable electronics and photonics covering many areas of cutting-edge research and development into this field providing us with an in-sight into this technology. This book involves a panel of international experts. A summary of recent developments are included which allow us to look into this field of expertise. Topics related to wearable photonics such as fibre-optic sensors and integrated smart textiles structures are the main focus of this book. We feel that this new look into technology will help us to be able to develop our idea further as it contains the information that we will be requiring to know.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

my top 5

here are my top 5 jewellery websites, i dont really have them in order because there all great site.

1. sdc gallery
2. whynot? comtempary jewellery
3. devientart
4. goldsmiths hall
5. dazzle exhibitions

and here are my other top 5 websites iv chosen a Scottish history site because i am very passionate about my heritage and inspired by the designs that were used in the past. i have also chosen 2 nature websites because i love animals and these sites offers the chance to see more unusual species.

1. BBC news
2. history of Scotland
3. last chance to see
4. lost land of the volcano
5. azure magazine

i also found joprint.co.uk which is good but is not related to jewellery and new designers .com

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

random stuff i found

just thought id stick these images up cos there really interesting. iv never seen any jewellery like this before and i love it (i want one now!!) there by a jeweller called moon young shin check her out she's really cool.