Friday, 30 October 2009

St Andrews exhibition

this is a selection of work from a jewellery exhibition in St Andrews that i visited yesterday. these pieces were my favourite although all the works were well made and interesting most of them were unwearable because they were to big or moved. i do understand that if people make jewellery just for an exhibition then they can be as extravagant as they like but these pieces were made by commission and are not wearable at all. i think that if these pieces were made smaller people would wear them all the time as there is no point in having jewellery just so it can lay in a drawer and gather dust.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

this is my final piece for my vessel project. i have silver plated it and painted it with enamel paint. i am going to be exhibiting the pieces in a glass case with photos of graffiti and samples.


I started by looking at crime prevention in the sales industry and how an environment can change a persons mood and behavior i explored this for a while and looked into alarms and CCTV. i then moved on and looked at the security officers and their uniforms. i started to think of what they have to do in there day to day jobs and how their cloths need to be protective, breathable and waterproof yet comfortable. i then started to think about tags and alarms in clothing and handbags. my research was then refined by looking at handbag thief and how to prevent this. some solutions that are already on the market are, bags with slash proof fabric and locking zips but what occurred to me was that all these bags are meant for travel not everyday use and that they are not stylish. my new design is a bag that contains all the safety features but is also stylish and user friendly. i also thought about the idea of tracking devices in bags that could be linked to your home computer and that you could notify the police if your bag was stolen. this tracker could be stitched into the fabric so no one would no it was there.

Monday, 26 October 2009

this is my group's brainstorm, we decided to talk about the crime prevention and this branched off into handbag thief and security for shops. we also talked about the uniforms the security officers wear and the environment's in which we shop.
i have chosen to concentrate on 3 aspects of this, the 1st handbag thief and how it could be improved. the 2nd uniforms and the 3rd the environment.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

this week

this weeks been crazy. trying to finish my jewellery piece in time is harder than i thought. my piece is all about urban decay, I've been looking at graffiti, in particular the subway by my house which is covered in paint and dirt and there's been a few fires in it which has melted the lights.

my work concisest of 3 boxes witch i have hammered and solider. I'm about to silver plate the inside and paint the outside with enamel paint. I've created my own tag and my own graffiti to paint on the front.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This part is about the law of the few. It talks about people with social gifts, these people are known as salesmen, mavens and conectors. I particularly liked the section on Paul Revers ride. Its amazing that this phenomenon goes all the way through history and that its only really the conectors, mavens and salesmen that feature in the major events, as they no every one.

This part is about the power of context which branches off into crime, Samaritans and 150. in this chapter I particularly liked the story of Mr Goertz who tryed to stop crime in his area. I no how it feel to live with crime on your doorstep and that sometimes you want to do something about it, but because of intimidation you don't. I think he showed great courage in what he did trying to stop crime in his area although the means in which he did it I don't really agree with.

I have chosen to write about the stickiness factor. I concentrated on sesame street and blue's clue's and hopefully have fulfilled my brief. I found doing a proper mind map quite challenging as i tend to use spider diagrams more.

here's my full blog on the tipping point, sorry if its blury.

I found this pic while searching for vessels for the vessel project, just thought it was really cool, the way all the trees can be contained in a small box and be transported.

Saturday, 3 October 2009


One thing i really like so for about these lectures is that they combine interesting facts with humour, this makes me even more interested in what is being said.

I will say more about the lectures and what I think after i have consulted my notes and got to grips with what I want to say.

one last thing before I go ...... check the air flow .......