Tuesday, 23 February 2010

setting stones

here's some cool pictures of unusual stone settings that i found on the web. as i said in my last blog I'm researching the pagan religion. I've been searching the web for healing stones and there properties, the one that interests me the most is the tigers eye. the tigers eye properties are that they promote clear thinking, protection, willpower, balance and courage to name but a few. this stone is thought to have many healing properties such as healing wounds, bruises and stomach problems. whether they work or not i don't know but i think that the belief that they will work is more powerful than the object its self.
for my next step I'm going to research the green man ( a well known pagan symbol) and try some stone setting for myself.

Monday, 22 February 2010

new project

just got the new project from jewellery...........sounds ok. its a stone setting project based on religion/spiritual beliefs. i think im gonna research the pagan religion. my family have a few connections with this religion as a family friend is a shaman and practices in Edinburgh.

was gonna post some pictures to show my thinking but the computer doesn't want to, so they'll have to wait...sorry

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Assignment 2- the ramdom photo's

here are my random photos for assignment 2. the 3 i started with are, leaves, girl and the building. i got some interesting story's from people, the story i have chosen to find an image for is 'a girl having a fun day out at a museum then on the way to get her bus jumping in the autumn leaves, then thinking what a great day she had.'

the image i came up with which has made everyone come up with the same story is the inside of a museum. adding text just makes the story clearer. i found this task interesting as its amazing how people can look at the same 3 photos and come up with completely different story's.
other story's i got we're that the girl was leaving to become a nun. that she was thinking back to a special place. that she was travelling/sight seeing in autumn and that she was traveling back it school for home.


just some pics from my sketchbook. 1st is a drawing of my final idea, 2nd is examples of flocking and the 3rd is my hand made felt.

Ok guys here is my final piece for the catwalk project :) as i said before, it is based on 18th century Italy but it has now evolved in to a kind of punk helmet. its made from aluminium and florescent green plastic and has been flocked in an florescent pink. this project was really fun and i think i definitely improved on my sketchbook work and on my technique.
thanks to becca for modeling for me :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

photo swap with Sarah, assigment 1, semester 2

this project has been really quite interesting, i was surprised as i thought it would have been easy just swapping photos with someone but it really made you look at yourself. i swapped photos of my room at home with Sarah who had photos of her childhood. Sarah got me pretty much down to a tea, and i think i did pretty well in figuring out her. we met today and disused our findings.
the first few images of Sarah i estimated she would be about 4years old and that it would be the early 90s. from the other images i saw she had brothers and was the middle child so i though she may be a bit of a tomboy but her mum may have tryed to make her a girly girl but she would always prefer to play rough with her brothers. i also surmised that she would be close to her younger brother and not her older, from speaking to Sarah both these points are true. Sarah was shocked that i came to this conclusion just by looking at her photos. also from the older photos taken in the 90s i gathered that she had a very free childhood, what i mean by this is that she was allowed to play freely and spread her toys around. it seems that she has had a very relaxed childhood and very family orientated as there is a photo of her at the table reading having lunch with her brothers. in this photo there is also some kind of hand made animal on the window sill which shows creativity from a young age. when i later spoke to Sarah she told me this was a Peggie bank that all three children made.
the other photos were taken in 2004 so i estimated her age at 14. by looking at these photos i concluded that Sarah was just coming in to her own as a person she has short dyed hair and is wearing make-up. she also has become a bit of a punk as her clothes are dark with zips on them and her hair is red, again trying to rebel from the girly girl her mum wants her to be. i also thought that she would ether be very close to her mother 'like best friends' or they don't get on and fight, it turns out it was the former as her and her mother are very close. Sarah is also very close to her grandparents and is pictured with her grandfather on Christmas day playing a game boy which is again a 'boyish game'.
the last photos were taken recently and show a very family oriented scene, 'the decorating of the tree' at Christmas Sarah tells me this is a family tradition, one of many that her family have. Sarah herself has changed dramatically from the small child in the first photos and from the 'stroppy teen' in the others. she looks more confident in herself 'comfortable in her own skin'.

this project has been very interesting as you are getting to know someone through there past and there previous choices and tastes. overall an interesting assignment.