Friday, 30 October 2009

St Andrews exhibition

this is a selection of work from a jewellery exhibition in St Andrews that i visited yesterday. these pieces were my favourite although all the works were well made and interesting most of them were unwearable because they were to big or moved. i do understand that if people make jewellery just for an exhibition then they can be as extravagant as they like but these pieces were made by commission and are not wearable at all. i think that if these pieces were made smaller people would wear them all the time as there is no point in having jewellery just so it can lay in a drawer and gather dust.

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  1. i know thats so true, i thought that aswell. Although i have to say,i am personally all up for loud, over the top, really crazy pieces, even if they're unwearable but i felt that these were just stuck some where in between. Neither were they too big to just look like good fun, and nor were the small enough to practically be worn.
    To be honest i was rather disappointed to see this exhibition, and even more so to actually go all the way to St Andrews for it. I feel alot of it had to do with the way the work had been displayed in the photographs. There was just way too much happening! I felt that since the pieces were so big, they really should have been the only thing in the photographs. Like i know these pieces were commissioned for those people who wore them in the pictures, but they just didnt make the piece look good if u know what i mean? The same piece, for instance the paper one (my favourite one out of them all) if worn by a young edgy model, with a just plain background, minimal attire would have made the piece stand out and speak for its self so much better than the way it had actually been photographed.
    The wearers and the pieces really did not compliment each other in anway, and i feel that is one of the most important things in jewellery. It was ironic, how the pieces carried a memory or certain significance for that person, and yet the person still did'nt seem to be able to relate to the piece.