Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I started by looking at crime prevention in the sales industry and how an environment can change a persons mood and behavior i explored this for a while and looked into alarms and CCTV. i then moved on and looked at the security officers and their uniforms. i started to think of what they have to do in there day to day jobs and how their cloths need to be protective, breathable and waterproof yet comfortable. i then started to think about tags and alarms in clothing and handbags. my research was then refined by looking at handbag thief and how to prevent this. some solutions that are already on the market are, bags with slash proof fabric and locking zips but what occurred to me was that all these bags are meant for travel not everyday use and that they are not stylish. my new design is a bag that contains all the safety features but is also stylish and user friendly. i also thought about the idea of tracking devices in bags that could be linked to your home computer and that you could notify the police if your bag was stolen. this tracker could be stitched into the fabric so no one would no it was there.


  1. Hi Linsay,

    Just reading your post about crime prevention and it reminded me of a previous Masters student at DOJ. Not sure if you had a chance to look at the Masters of Design degree show in September but her work was all about crime prevention and she discussed a shop environment. Might be worth taking a look.

    Not sure if her stuff is on this website but take a look and she'd be happy for you to contact her too.



  2. I have to say the tracking thing is such a great idea! you have to patent this if you get to do it some day!