Thursday, 18 March 2010

the interviews

this assignment was an interesting one. we were asked to interview people and ask certain things about the way they dress or how they've decorated their homes. i ask the following questions- 'if your house was on fire what possession would you save?' 'what would you do if you lost this possession?' and 'what does this possession mean to you and why?' and finally 'how did you come to have this possession?'.

the answer i got were very enlightening as women and men differ completely. the men i asked gave me very straight to the point answers, mainly one or two word answers, not very much to go on but the women could talk for ages about there favorite possessions. i found out that women favor things that were given to them by grandparents and things that are very personal to them like photographs of family especially photos of there children. this ties in with my subject, jewellery as it is not the object but the personal feelings you attach to this object. the men i interviewed would choose to save things like there wedding rings (although maybe he would have said different if his wife wasn't there) there mobile phones and there football strip.
it appears that women are more sentimental than men but i would need to ask more people for this to stand. when i asked how they came to have these possession many of the men bought them there selves in contrast to the women who were given most of there things.
i found this assignment quite useful as its not what the object is its what you make it. i think this area would be good to look further into and perhaps bring into my own work as a jeweller.

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