Tuesday, 10 November 2009

my top 5

here are my top 5 jewellery websites, i dont really have them in order because there all great site.

1. sdc gallery
2. whynot? comtempary jewellery
3. devientart
4. goldsmiths hall
5. dazzle exhibitions

and here are my other top 5 websites iv chosen a Scottish history site because i am very passionate about my heritage and inspired by the designs that were used in the past. i have also chosen 2 nature websites because i love animals and these sites offers the chance to see more unusual species.

1. BBC news
2. history of Scotland
3. last chance to see
4. lost land of the volcano
5. azure magazine

i also found joprint.co.uk which is good but is not related to jewellery and new designers .com

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